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Who We Are

Ramp Metals Inc. is a battery metals exploration company with a focus on northern Saskatchewan. We are a team that is passionate about true exploration. Our goal is to find the metals required to fuel the green technology movement

Total Land Package: 19,448.69 hectares

PLD claims – Peter Lake Domain

  • Fully permitted for Drilling

  • Legacy drilling & geophysics

  • Only 17km from highway 905


Rottenstone SW claims - Rottenstone Domain

  • Bordering Fathom Nickel Inc. (Fathom Minerals Ltd) who raised $11.15M backed by Echelon and Sprott Capital, and went public. Additional $4M FT financing closed Nov 2021.

  • Greenfields with high potential

  • Recent geophysical survey completed

Ramp Metals Project Locations

PLD Claims

Ramp Metals - PLD Claims

Rottenstone Claims

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